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Used of UHF Identification Wristband

The perfect integration of our various business, providing a variety of methods to realize the special demand, and a detailed record.

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Used of UHF Identification Wristband

Used of UHF Identification Wristband 
Manage, control,simplify with RFID UHF wristbands for use with RFID integrated systems in applications such as admissions, lockers, payment and security.
You can record, track, and validate ANY amount of customer data all on one tiny waterproof chip that your customers can wear on their wrist! UHF wristbands are durable, comfortable and made of a strong light weight waterproof plastic.
One-time use or multi-day use wristbands, with secure locking snap
SeabreezeRFID wristband contains an imbedded standard antenna with a readable/writable chip to store valuable and unique information
UHF Wristbands can be read from a distance, without contact or line of sight
Eliminate employee theft of cash at the point of sale
In stock or custom printed to your specifications
Consecutive numbering and bar coding available
RFID Hi-Res Wristbands with Adhesive Closure
Made of strong, ultra-soft light weight material, Ultra Hi-Res wristbands are comfortable, durable, tear-resistant,waterproof and easily applied to any size wrist with an adhesive strip. Thisoption can be custom printed with highly visible, sharp and colorful graphicsfor any special event where a standard wristband won’t do. Our Hi-Reswristbands offer the same type of security as traditional wristbands. With aseries of die-cuts at the point of adhesion, it makes these wristbands virtually tamper resistant.
UHF Vinyl Wristbands with Snap Closure
This option is ideal for longer use applications as it is secured with a permanent snap closure and is waterproof.It is also resistant to stretching and can be printed with your custom logo orother text, images and numbers. Available in multiple colors.
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